Work with Me

Recipe & Menu Development

As a restaurateur, chef, healthy meal provider or any other food enthusiast, you may find my fusion food concept interesting. I can collaborate with you to develop a fusion or healthy vegetarian recipe as per your requirement.

Sponsored Writing

If your product or concept draws a relevance to mine and you resonate with the way I compose experiences into a post, then I can create a new post dedicated to your requirement or include a reference in one of my existing posts.

Food Styling & Photography

All the food pictures you see on this blog are produced by me. I believe our food must look as good as it tastes. Also it must embody its character and mood. If you have liked the way I style or click my food, I can bring my food styling kit, clicking equipment and myself over to make your food look great too!

Endorses & Event

If your product or concept relates to mine, we can spread a word about each other through social media, blog or refer/ invite to community events.

Anything else?
For anything else on your mind, please write to me at