If you really want to travel a place, drive the road!

I don’t know who said that originally but it simply proves to be “the differentiator” of every trip. I and my travel buddy (my husband) are absolutely the road trip modus operendi types and each time we end a trip, we echo, what a ruin it would have been if we didn’t be-friend the 3rd buddy riding us.

…clicking scenes in every blink

…witnessing imprints of the seasons

…leaving your shadow on the roads

…finding concealed river streams

…tasting a local beer

…beating the road with that old favorite song

…picking the local lingo and

…following your heart to halt and start

A road trip does good to us!

Travelers who do that, would know exactly what I mean. Like they say… “You feel me bro!”

Dirt roads on ATV, Cappadocia
Heading to Uchisar, Cappadocia
Driving in south Mauritius

The moment you add wheels to your plan, you are an instant local….. 3 days later you can tell about the people of that country, what do they put in their sandwiches, how expensive is the fuel, what chips they sell on the high way, but more importantly, it finds you beautiful feelings……

Leaving some shadows behind the Love Valley, Cappadocia

How meaningful is the warmth of expression when you don’t know a language?

How detoxing it is to be in places where there are more trees than people?

How important is partnership when you are a driver and passenger to each other, just like life?

How revealing it can be to see the same old setting of life in a different panorama?

and, how important is the invention of google maps!!!

Trust me, you will find the answers….. just make a road trip, if you haven’t yet!

Panorama from the Uchisar castle, Cappadocia
Sand dune bashing in Abu Dhabi desert
Tyre burst on Turkey roads
As green as Mauritius
At the centre of Serengeti National Park
Turkey roads
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Wild beasts as far as you can see in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

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