At breakfast time, Protein is bae for my family. Essentially, we eat 3 things for breakfast in rotation – Eggs, Protein Pancakes & Oats : )

Naturally it’s very important for me to invent new recipes around these 3 to keep it interesting and healthy! So, here I am sharing the latest and brightest oatmeal from my breakfast-innovation brain. Not just that in this recipe I am taking the healthy-ness to next level, venturing into the power of healing turmeric.

This oats recipe is referenced from the Indian recipe turmeric milk, traditionally used for healing fresh wounds or ailing body aches. This bright yellow breakfast bowl looks like sunshine early morning and lights you up for the day literally.

My dear, breakfast loving brigade, this recipe is totally “healthy checked” and “quick-cooking certified”! Still thinking what’s unique? Let me speedy spell again?

This oatmeal is….
Cooked with the good Indian grease “Ghee”
Simmered with s pinch of “turmeric” for hailing and healing
Naturally sweetened with coconut for some creamy comfort
Simply delicious whether you cook it sweet or salty
And guess what?
You can also attract your little baby to this colorful bowl of goodness!

Happy breakfast! Yellow yellow isn’t a dirty fellow.

Sunshine oatmeal with turmeric, ghee and coconut
Sunshine oatmeal with turmeric, ghee and coconut

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Sunshine Oatmeal Yum
Sunshine oatmeal is a comforting and healthy bowl with power packed oats, hailing turmeric and creamy coconut. This bright yellow oat-ty bowl is referenced from the Indian recipe “Turmeric milk” often used for healing wounds or body aches. This bowl can sooth your soul with oats simmered in a warm blend of ghee, turmeric and milk, naturally sweetened by coconut, a bit nutty by almonds and a little zesty by pomegranate.
Course Breakfast
Cook Time 5-7 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cook Time 5-7 minutes
  1. In a milk pan, heat ghee at low flame.
  2. When slightly warm add turmeric and stir for few seconds only.
  3. Add milk and stir well. Add coconut and ground cardamom. Cook for 1 minute.
  4. Add oats, salt and almonds. Cook for few mins at low flame. Add more milk or honey if you like.
  5. Boil all ingredients till you get an oat meal consistency of your choice.
  6. Serve in a bowl and top with pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds and more nuts.
Recipe Notes


  • You can also refrigerate this oatmeal to eat cold later.
  • For making this recipe more nutritious, use the traditional oats instead of quick cooking oats. If you do so you may have to use more water and/ or milk to cook the traditional oats for longer time.
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    I am admirer of your lovely cooking recipes because it seems like u r not making them but rather enjoying them by heart by soul…..

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