London streets, where I found my Buzzard wings!

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Your first time of doing something is always special. London for me is special because London for me is a lot of “first time things”!

Long back in Sep, 2007 when I visited London, strolling around the streets, I was completely dazzled as a young girl, as it was….

the first place I traveled outside my country.

my first travel with friends.

the first trip with my then boyfriend and now husband.

I may be unaware then, but now I think, this is where the journey of Honey Buzzard started!

9 years later I visited London streets again, just in time to bring in the autumn 2016 and chase down the memory lane…..

…..and what better time to return to the lane of my memories, than autumn, when the London streets looks like life in sepia mode, a perfect setting to take me back in time.

9 years ago when I visited, it was autumn too, nothing has really changed about London streets in autumn. The added population of umbrellas, sub-due hues of the sky, crunch of leaves beneath your feet, washed off roads and a hide and seek playing sun. Well, many of these might not be just an autumn, but an anytime phenomenon in London. Interestingly, few things just never change about this city – the playful rains, the hustle bustle on streets, the vintage-ness, the fish and chips, the tourist loaded red buses and the grand assortment of people.

While roaming around the London streets this autumn, I was recalling my view and collection of London way back in 2007 when I came here as a young student. All along I was smiling by myself remembering times when I was…..

Surviving in London for 10 days with just 400 Pounds, a handsome student budget to spend,

Going crazy and frantic about the London tube (again a first time),

Being fascinated with the red bus and the red phone booths,

Buying coke over water (since water was relatively expensive),

Cheering a beer around the London Bridge and then chasing buses late night to get back,

Clicking 100 pictures at Madame Tussauds,

Being super impressed with Sainsbury 24*7 (a new concept for me that time),

Eating the most expensive meal of the trip at Burger King for 9.5 Pounds,

Saving money just to get to shake a leg at Ministry of sound one evening,

Looking for a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream parlor on Oxford street (again for a first time tasting)

Striking monuments off the to-do list, to shop at Primark!

Reminiscing those times, and then looking at life today, filled my heart with pure gratification and surprise. In those reflections I almost embraced the path you walk from the time you set out with dreams, till the time you achieve some of those dreams. May be more, when you discover you can be much more or different than your first set of dreams.

My moment of truth on the London streets!

Throughout my memoir walk on the London streets, I was hardly looking at the city, I was actually looking at myself. I was everywhere! I wondered what has really changed from those good young days.

Nothing really! The zest for life, the value chip on the shoulder, the love in the heart, and the germ of an explorer is all still there in the box of my body. Probably just the outlook and means of life have enlarged with the growth of my experiences!

In that moment, in my heart, reproducing the episodes of my life since 2007, I almost had a moment of truth! I gathered, may be the journey of Honey buzzard started here, on the London streets! The germ was always there in me but sometimes it’s the change of environment that makes you catch the flu. London, my first experience of the world became the milieu where I caught on this flu ; )

Eventually, I might be meant to fly the sky of Honey Buzzard in life but it is here in London that I tasted life in a new plate. When I look back I realize my travel feet started kicking since then, my idea cooking brain started bubbling since then and my Honey buzzard wings started fluttering since then.

I started the Honey Buzzard blog in 2016 but as I reflect now, I know the blocks were building in me ever since London in 2007 and all through my travel experiences. Indeed, it was worth it to chase down the memory lane and find where I found Honey Buzzard.  

London streets - autumn 2016
Autumn 2016, London
London streets - green park
Green Park, London
London streets - Autumn 2016
Out with umbrellas, Autumn 2016, London
London streets - Autumn 2016
Streets of London, 2016
London streets
London Eye, 2016
London streets - Big Ben
Big Ben, London
London streets
Beautiful London evenings by the London Eye
London streets
London Eye, 2016
London streets
Royal streets of London
London streets
Tower Bridge, London
London streets
Another photographer busy shooting London Eye
London streets
London evenings
London streets
Red bus, the tube and London Streets
London streets
London Eye
London streets
Resting feet an autumn noon at Green Park, London
Big Ben, London streets
Big Ben, London

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