Looking for places to stay in Plitvice Lakes Croatia and I found heaven!

It’s typical what happens at work just before a vacation. All hell breaks and deadlines get preponed on the last day, when all you wanted to do was run the last leg of packing, paint your nails, hug your home and set out to discover the destination you have been excited about since the time you first thought of it. Typically the same catastrophe happened to me right before my trip to Croatia. After a sleepless working night followed by a sleepless flight I landed in Zagreb in a totally zombie state.

From Zagreb our plan was to visit the Plitvice National Park. While looking for places to stay in Plitvice Lakes Croatia, we found a fairly good looking cottage in Village Jezerce. It was just meant to be a stop over and the Plitvice National Park was only 10 kms away from this village. So I did not think much and booked it (only to thank myself later for not thinking much). On our 2.5 hrs drive from the Zagreb airport to village Jezerce I was a snoring zombie in the car. My husband slapped me out of my sleep several times to scoop the first look of Croatia. I did not care, all I wanted was to reach this cottage in Jezerce and crash.

Finally, the destination arrived, I opened my sleep deprived heavy eyes and was completely bowled over. Our stay over called House Izvor, was a gathering of few wooden cottages at the center of shining emerald fields, outlying and encircled by a gigantic circle of lush mountains. I was surrounded by striking woods, colors of flowers, squeaking of swings, chirping of birds and aroma of fresh coal just ready to lay our dinner on it. The splendor of this nature circumference was so relaxing that I felt numbed to believe for several minutes. From the rush to wrap up office chores the previous night, I felt I have landed in a fairy tale land.

We were welcomed by our timid and friendly host Tom, with his cracked English and cracking sense of humor. He offered us with some chilled beer from a fresh spring nearby and for hours we were lazing around in the gardens enjoying the feeling of being in the nature’s lap literally. My soul felt so refreshed that I totally forgot the recent lack of sleep. The day concluded with a homemade flavorful dinner customized to our preferences, prepared by Tom and his wife. Well in few hours of landing in Croatia we found a home away from home.

House Izvor in village Jezerce
House Izvor cottages in the background
Chilled beer from spring water
Literally in lap of nature, Village Jezerce, Croatia
places to stay in Plitvice Lakes Croatia
Village Jezerce, Croatia

The great memories that will bring me back to House Izvor, Village Jezerce

The next morning we made our trip to Piltvice National Park, which was our main objective to come here, however, in expectantly and thankfully we spent many more great moments at House Izvor in Village Jezerce. Sharing some with you here…..

After a long nature walk in Plitvice National Park we wanted to spend our evening in Tom’s farms. To relax our soul and aching feet, we walked through the fields to relish a bottle of Grasevina (Croatian white grape) chilling in the fresh spring water. It was indeed a memorable time, sipping wine amidst the greens from evening till the arrival of a misty night.

places to stay in Plitvice Lakes Croatia
Sipping wine in House Izvor farms

At dinner it was time to relish the delicacies prepared in an open fire place in front of our cottage. Most importantly with all the ingredients picked from Tom’s kitchen garden and chicken farm, served just the way you like, in a nature dining room. Chicken peka, grilled fish, stuffed mushrooms, char grilled veggies, sweet pops with homemade raspberry jam……. I can’t forget the freshness and flavors of food here!

Our host Tom (at House Izvor), grilling Chicken Peka
Fresh fish grill on fresh charcoal, at House Izvor

Next morning we set out for cycling through the shimmering fields, to find the black river. We had the guide map from Tom to lead us in mission Black River, but even after 3 hrs of cycling we could not find the river. Though it was loads of fun getting lost, falling on the bumps, flapping the fresh air on our faces and coming back home starving to Tom’s wonderful breakfast!

Our cottage at House Izvor, village Jezerce
Cycling, village Jezerce, Croatia

Most of all my memories, I loved doing nothing in this place. Just sieve a gaze of the mountains through the flowers and green sprouts for hours….. Or sleep in peace, read a book, take a walk..… Find moments of your own here!!!

It was hard to say good-bye to this place but I have book marked House Izvor in Village Jezerce as one of the places I would return to!

Village Jezerce, Croatia
House Izvor, Village Jezerce, Croatia

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