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Happy summer folks! Around this sun-fun time of the year the heat scale in Dubai looks like HOT… HOTTER… HOTTEST… DUBAI-HOT ; ) Well that is one of the many summer jokes for us Dubai-ites. Over the 7 years of life in this happy and one helluva city I have skinned the summer completely. Nevertheless even when all gets even, it’s natural to feel some odds. One that tops my list is missing on the Indian summer street food “Chaat”. Quite honestly Dubai makes it easy as it offers so many options to relish Indian street food. Having said that, one can still miss that taste asthetic and connection from back home. Chaat for me is a perfect taste balance between hot and cold, plain and savory, sweet and sour! So what is a Chaat? A Chaat is mostly plated with a savory subject like fried potato patty or crispy fried…

Well let’s start by a little food weakness of mine. I am a cottage cheese (paneer) lover, hence I am innovating cottage cheese snack ideas every now and then. Lately, I have been creating cottage cheese snack ideas with sundried tomatoes, as they give a contemporary and contrasting touch to the Cottage Cheese cubes, but retain the traditional savoury-ness that works perfect with cottage cheese. This time I am creating a creamy curry cottage cheese bowl with sundried tomatoes and fennel seeds. Yes, that is the twist! You got to taste how the dried tomato tang fuses with the fresh aroma of fennel. Most of all this recipe is a quick one to cook, perfect protein poke bowl and can be a great appetizer with cocktails.