Jalapeno pepper


Have you ever noticed the alikeness between the Mexican salsas and Indian chutney? To every Mexican salsa sister there seems to be an Indian chutney cousin. You don’t get me yet? Check this course… Don’t you find Mexican Salsa Verde & Indian coriander chutney akin? Ain’t Mexican Tomato salsa or Pico de galo a raw version of Indian Tomato Chutney? The Mexican Mango Salsa & Indian Mango chutney are flavor comparable too! And of course… The Tamarind Salsa & Tamarind chutney seem to be the spicy & tangy counterparts!!!  Notably, both salsas and chutney are essential food accompanies in their respective cuisine spreads. As an intense lover of Indian and Mexican cuisine, this idea to marry the dips from both cuisines organically keeps coming to me so many times..… and not just because both are spicy. I think mainly because there are many common base ingredients like cumin, onion, garlic,…