Ok hand on my heart. I have a sweet tooth!

But the problem of my life is not that ; )

It is that if I have a single sweet tooth, my husband has at least 5..… and the problem gets bigger when we make a baby together who probably has a whole denture full of sweet tooth.

Well by now we have acknowledged that we have this sweet problem in the family. So instead of blaming dental genetics let’s do something about it.

How about having sweets but in a healthy version? No compromise made on the taste and easy to make for mommy! Sounds fair & workable. So let’s make some Smart Sweets! Thinking what’s that?

Smart Sweets = (Healthy ingredients + alternate sugars) * Measured portions 

Here is my smart sweet recipe called the “Hi-5 Ladoo”

This is made of 5 super nutritious ingredients, shaped into round balls or as we call them in India Ladoos. 

5 healthy ingredients for Hi-5 Ladoo
5 healthy ingredients for Hi-5 Ladoo
Hi-5 Ladoo
Hi-5 Ladoo

Hi-5 Ladoos (balls) have only 70 calories and high nutritious value. 

Be guilt free to pop 1 or 2 or more of these balls in your mouth anytime you like.

Still thinking why would you love the Hi-5 Ladoos? May be because…

You too have a sweet tooth but wanna keep it healthy too

You are so bored of those not so healthy health bars 

You tend to get hangry through long meetings or travel

You are looking to create attractive baby food

Or chocolate is the go-to mood up lifter for you!

If you relate to any of those, then gimme a hi-5 & check out my recipe for Hi-5 Ladoos – sweet magic balls that are allowed any time of the day. Mommy T&C apply… shhhhhhhh

Hi-5 Ladoo
Hi-5 Ladoo


    • shikha Reply

      Thanks a lot Robin, hope they add health and sweetness to your life!

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