The idea of Falapav is an authentic food synthesis. True Honey Buzzard style!

Honey Buzzard recipes are all about combining ethos of 2 different cuisines and creating a new recipe that is a discrete taste. My new falafel sandwich recipe “Falapav” layers within, taste of 2 favorite recipes from the Mediterranean and the streets of Mumbai.

The falafel with a history of over 1000 years, is a popular snack not just in Egypt but all over Mediterranean countries, and an ascending fame all over the world. On the other hand Vadapav, the very own Indian burger is prevalent on the streets of Mumbai, served as the “go-to” food for the Indian common man every day.

Falapav is an interesting taste idea to sandwich the crispy Mediterranean falafels into a soft pav bread from the western region of India, savored with Indian chutneys. If I had to write a formula for this recipe, it will be something like


Falafel + Vadapav = FALAPAV
Falafel + Vadapav = FALAPAV
Beetroot falafel ingredients
Beetroot falafel ingredients

What’s the unique Falapav taste like?

  • For falafel lovers it’s the same good old taste in a new Indian packaging. With recent food innovations, you must have tried some falafel salads and falafel sandwich, now try it in an Indian burger version.
  • More good news is that I am using beetroot falafels for this recipe, surely some healthier blood for your body.
  • Also, beetroot falafels are a better taste pair with the tamarind and garlic chutneys. Trust me you won’t miss the hummus!
  • Well it’s also a win-win for the Vadapav lovers. It will be some food fun to munch the crispy Falafels in the Pav breads, instead of the usual potato Vada balls.

So let’s get on with the recipe of this falafel sandwich!

Starting with our base recipe Vadapav. Well it’s pretty simple, it’s all about arranging the potato vadas or the falafels into a toasted bread, with chutneys smeared on the inside of the breads. Having said that, there is some work that goes into making the 3 distinct chutneys – green chutney, tamarind chutney & dry garlic chutney. The good news is that you can stock up these chutneys in your fridge for a while. The green and garlic chutney for 4-5 days and the tamarind chutney for 3-4 months or more. So you can make them in advance and even relish them with other salads or snack.

Here are the recipe links to these chutneys:

Dry Garlic Chutney

Tamarind Chutney 

Green Chutney

Its best to keep the chutneys ready beforehand. Keep reading on for the recipe for beetroot falafels and arranging it in a Vadapav style.


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