About SHiKHA

I have always felt like I was born with an idea bulb in my head that never fails to light. This light always makes me see things brighter…as to how they can be better than they are. My organic connection with creativity, finds me the happiest while moulding crafts in my hands, styling people and homes, clicking smiles and sunsets, serving taste in plates……


Wired the arty way, to top it, my tryst with travel began not very long ago in 2012, from my homeland, India. Today, I live in Dubai, as I spread my Buzzard wings to travel the world, at the same time nurturing a career in Human Resources, I realized, I can be a Buzzard only 3-4 vacation weeks a year, less than 1/12th of my life….. As I reflected life through my travels and untravels, I always felt that in that 1/12th time of my life….. I feel more, I learn more and I become more…..

Once I listened to myself, I knew, that thump in my top left, is the heart of a traveler. Ever since, I am thumping in this travel beat 365 days, on or off a travel. Experiencing, learning and expressing are a part of me….. balancing and building true relationships with people, places, my profession and my creative spirit!

Cooking for me is an expression of my travel experiences. Born with a DNA to relish and serve Indian cuisine, having a heart open to flavors from the world, inspires me to enthrall different food cultures on to my own.

One culture, one cuisine, one custom is not enough travel for one life! I create my own hetro-ism! Be a Buzzard and find yours…..

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Say Hi to me at honeybuzzard29@gmail.com