Honey Buzzard is the flight of a traveler that breathes the euphoria of new skies, nests different branches in the world, shares a chatter and brings a grain back home…..

A buzzard that has bitten the grains of the world, does not bound gastronomy by cuisine definitions.

I am Shikha, as I embrace travel experiences in my Buzzard wings, I found food cousins in different parts of the world, a chilli poblano stuffed the mexican style, rice stuffed greek peppers or bharwan shimla mirch (stuffed capsicum) fried on an Indian pan…..similar personalities but different character!!!

Inspired through my voyage, back home, I follow my food moods to synthesize cooking styles, genetics and ingredients from different cuisines to create an unexplored and contemporary Indian palate. To make this palate more interesting, I hail from a healthy cooking style and my veggie vow for life.

Honey Buzzard shares reflections and flavors from travel chapters of my life… You may find a bit of you here, as our flights cross the same sky!

Why Honey Buzzard?


Travel touches your heart just like food

Food is the essence of every culture

Flavours are free to fly, beyond cuisines

Travel is a taste that you don’t forget

Food is the fondest memory of travel

Food DNAs cross paths across the globe

Fusing food is be-friending cultures

Veggie food is so enthralling to explore

Indian food has a character to be-friend

Indian food is much more than curries & tikkas

When its summer, even the Honey Buzzard returns home

All of us are a Buzzard!

Share your thoughts and reflections with me at honeybuzzard29@gmail.com