The eating world is divided in two parts – sushi lovers and non-lovers! This is a conclusion I have derived (may be based on limited and unwitting observations) through my eating experience thus far. I may be stating nothing close to a fact but that’s what I come across, people either like sushi or they

The Great Rann of Kutch, a dehydrated, monochrome and unwelcoming desert landscape spread over 7,500 square kilometers in Gujrat, India, ironically always had a very calling effect on my travel feet. At a younger age, images of Kutch made me wonder, if at all anyone could go there… because I could not see any route in or out of those hostile images…. All I could see was infinite cuts and cracks in a piece of earth. Several years later in 2012, on my honeymoon road trip across 5 states and over 3000 kilometers in India, I and my husband chose a very “un” honeymoon like stop over – The Little Rann of Kutch. Well, by then I had figured out that there is indeed a route to go into the barren lap of Kutch! Though google maps would still fail there : ) We stayed at Rann Riders, literally in…