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I conceived a potato and beetroot salad from my trip to Croatia! Game of Thrones, Islands, Zinfandel, National Parks….. were the internet researched impressions I had on my mind when I planned my trip to Croatia in the summer of July’16. I also browsed about Croatian food and all I got was pictures of Octopus….. being a vegetarian my gourmet dreams broke : ( Many Croatian food plates later I must say “never trust internet entirely, experience your own”. Croatian cuisine is primarily around seafood but you will never fall short of tasting Croatian flavors on a veggie plate. I enjoyed my culinary experience in Croatia so much that it even inspired me to invent a potato and beetroot salad recipe. The simplicity of Croatian cooking appealed to my culinary senses the most. Croatians mostly treat any piece of food meat, fish or veggies with just 3 ingredients – Olive…

Road tripping is the travel ambiance that absolutely gets my travel feet going. One of the favorite drives of my travels has been in the US state of Arizona, also popularly known as the Grand Canyon State. Interestingly, Arizona’s name originated from the Spanish name, Arizonac, which in turn derived from an Indian word, ali sonak meaning “small spring”. Who hasn’t been riveted by the magnificence of Grand Canyons? It is a landscape that is visible from the space and surely finds space on every traveler’s bucket list? On mine too! The layers of Grand Canyons inspired my 7 layered Mexican Bhel recipe I had always been blazed by the layers, hues and textures of the rustic canyons, just like any other pair of travelers eyes would want to rest gaze on them. On my trip to the canyons, the whole day, I walked along the wide spread arms of…

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