Well let’s start by a little food weakness of mine. I am a cottage cheese (paneer) lover, hence I am innovating cottage cheese snack ideas every now and then. Lately, I have been creating cottage cheese snack ideas with sundried tomatoes, as they give a contemporary and contrasting touch to the Cottage Cheese cubes, but retain the traditional savoury-ness that works perfect with cottage cheese. This time I am creating a creamy curry cottage cheese bowl with sundried tomatoes and fennel seeds. Yes, that is the twist! You got to taste how the dried tomato tang fuses with the fresh aroma of fennel. Most of all this recipe is a quick one to cook, perfect protein poke bowl and can be a great appetizer with cocktails.

Looking for Indian cottage cheese snack ideas for our next cocktail party? Well I am going to be a bit candid here – most likely your search (looking through restaurant menus or online recipes) will end with Paneer Tikka or variations of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Paneer Tikka but I don’t quite love the fact that Indian cuisine gets food credits mostly in the space of spicy and savory food. As I travel around the globe, it’s endearing to witness far-reaching presence and acceptance for Indian cuisine. I do feel proud when people from different origins often tell me how much they relish Indian food (with a side not of “Oh boy it’s so rich”). Sadly, this may also be true to some extent, for example if I think of an Indian appetizer to pair with a fine wine, I may be able to think of very…

You must be thinking what’s B3? Is this some sort of cooking formula? Though, it is just an easy cheesy deep fried broccoli recipe, but it is indeed my fusion fritter formula made with 3 key ingredients broccoli, besan (chickpea flour) and balsamic vinegar. Being a vegetarian, most of all broccoli is my boon vegetable, but the trivia is that there is not much traditional Indian cooking morphed around broccoli. Furthermore, the Indian broccoli recipes I come across, like broccoli curries, spicy stir fries and the likes, tend to overcook or over spice this veggie. A true broccoli lover knows that overcooking broccoli means killing the stout and crunchy taste character of this green protein, nothing less than a cooking crime. Well, sounds like a great opportunity for Honey Buzzard, to create a noble taste that is true to broccoli’s original character and just rightly Indianized. aa Why an Indian…

The eating world is divided in two parts – sushi lovers and non-lovers! This is a conclusion I have derived (may be based on limited and unwitting observations) through my eating experience thus far. I may be stating nothing close to a fact but that’s what I come across, people either like sushi or they