I conceived a potato beetroot salad from my trip to Croatia!

Game of Thrones, Islands, Zinfandel, National Parks….. were the internet researched impressions I had on my mind when I planned my trip to Croatia in the summer of July’16.

I also browsed about Croatian food and all I got was pictures of Octopus….. being a vegetarian my gourmet dreams broke : (

Many Croatian food plates later I must say “never trust internet entirely, experience your own”. Croatian cuisine is primarily around seafood but you will never fall short of tasting Croatian flavors on a veggie plate. I enjoyed my culinary experience in Croatia so much that it even inspired me to invent a potato beetroot salad recipe. But firstly, check out my very veggie plates in Croatia!




The simplicity of Croatian cooking appealed to my culinary senses the most. Croatians treat just any piece of food meat, fish or veggies with 3 ingredients – Olive oil, garlic and rosemary….. and Grill it. Like I said…. Simple!

Several times while eating at restaurants in Croatia or talking to locals, they shared their perspective with me about Croatian v/s Indian cooking…. “We Croatians like the food with simple flavors, but not like spicy curry”. Its a critical perspective but respectably shared by friendly Croatians. Well, point well taken. For my next Dalmatian – Indian fusion potato beetroot salad “Underground Brothers”, I am keeping it simple.

Potato beetroot salad recipe inspired from Crotian and Indian cuisine
Jeera Aloo and Rosemary Beetroot salad

The first brother Beetroot, is cooked with 3 favorite Croatian ingredients – Olive oil, garlic and rosemary.

For the second brother Potato, to synchronize the simplicity I chose the Indian recipe Jeera Aloo (Cumin Potatoes), a simple household recipe with 3 classic Indian cuisine ingredients – Ghee (clarified butter), cumin and coriander leaves.

Finally, to contrast the modest and sweet flavors of beetroot and potato I topped the salad with a sweet and sour pineapple salsa dressing and a tiny load of feta cheese.

Recipe by Shikha Singh

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Underground Brothers Yum
Underground brother is a very unique fusion salad inspired from Dalmatian and Indian cooking, where garlic olive oil fuses with ghee (clarified butter), beetroot rubs its pink stains on brother potato, rosemary and coriander happily complement each other and pineapple salsa flows from the top to pep them all at this Croatian-Indian party!!!
Cuisine Dalmatian, Indian
Prep Time 25-30 minutes
Cook Time 25-30 minutes
Cuisine Dalmatian, Indian
Prep Time 25-30 minutes
Cook Time 25-30 minutes
For Dalmatian style beetroot
  1. Boil beetroot squares in water until semi soft and drain the water out.
  2. In a medium size pan, heat garlic olive oil or olive oil.
  3. Add beetroot squares and pan toss for 4-5 mins.
  4. Add rosemary, pan toss another 1-2 mins until semi-crisp.
  5. Let it cool a bit before serving.
For Indian Jeera Aloo
  1. Boil potato squares in water until semi soft and drain the water out.
  2. In a medium size pan, heat ghee (clarified butter).
  3. Add cumin seeds and wait until they become brown.
  4. Add potato squares and pan toss until they start getting a brown outside crust.
  5. Add coriander leaves and toss another minute.
  6. Let it cool a bit before serving.
For Pineapple salsa
  1. In a small pan, heat oil, add green chili, onion, garlic and peppers, sauté until light brown.
  2. Add, pineapple pulp, cook until mixture starts drying.
  3. Turn the heat off when you get a dark yellow/ brownish salsa. Freeze the salsa for a while.
  1. In a round serving dish, spread a layer of potatoes around the rim of the dish.
  2. Heap the beetroot, inside the potato rim.
  3. Pour pineapple salsa dressing on the top. Load feta cheese on top of the heap.
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