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Fusion Food Recipes

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes


If you are an Indian food lover, then Lassi needs no introduction. You may have spotted Lassi on the menu of almost every Indian restaurant world over. This authentic Indian yogurt tumbler, with its sweet and refreshing taste, plays the perfect partner with savory Indian food. Also Lassi’s fruity version, Mango Lassi is quite popular on the smoothie circuit these days. By the way, this may be a lesser realized fact that much before the smoothie revolution began, Lassi has been swirling in the Indian kitchens as a good old summer staple. Being an Indian food lover, true to my origin, I lust over a glass of Lassi just anytime. By the way, as Lassi is a well-known drink, I have come several fusion attempts of Lassi like Strawberry Lassi, Pistachio Lassi, Guava Lassi and even a Chocolate Lassi (yes I was aghast) Well, everyone is entitled to have their…

Chaach or chas is a yogurt-based traditional drink from India. It is similar to the more popular cousin Lassi but much thinner in consistency, made by diluting it with cold water. In English chaach is often referred as buttermilk. Chaach has cultural associations, with its consumption originating from the extremely hot desert areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan. This summer drink is prepared and stored in earthen pots that keeps it cool and adds that distinct flavour. More importantly Chaach has several health benefits like providing hydration and digestion, owing to its ingredients. The yogurt, water and salt helps beat the heat in Indian summer and keeps the body hydrated. More so, cumin spice aids digestion largely. By this value, Chaach can even be a great morning drink to cleanse your body hardware and give you a hydrating kick to conquer the day. One of my mornings while starting my day…

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