Salad leaves


Have you ever heard of an authentic Indian salad recipe? No really right? Have you wondered why? Indian cuisine has a heightened heritage of over 8000 years and an unparalleled diversity. It has an assorted food ethos that springs such distinct sub-cuisines. Any kind of foodie is likely to find something of their liking. But if there is one thing it doesn’t offer in abundance, it would be salads. We might create some salads with references of Indian spices, but there is no true authentic Indian born salad recipe. Hence, I am often trying to explore this not so rewarded expanse of Indian food culture. Nevertheless, I have observed these days there are references of Indian cuisine in popular salad recipes like curried cauliflower, puffed rice (bhelpuri) mixes, tomato base lentils, or green chutney dressing. It’s exciting to see that the salad scene today is high on Indian cooking spirits.…