quick oats


Are you thinking “here comes another overnight oatmeal in a jar”? Yeah, just like you, I too feel swarmed by the storm of oatmeal recipes on Instagram, Pinterest and health blogs out there. Dairy free, quick to cook, organic, yogurt based and a zillion others. These days every 5th occurrence of internet information seems to revolve around some kind of health food. If you are a health junky I suppose by now you must have tried and got bored of all those overnight oatmeal in a jar. So really, I don’t blame you. Well let me promise that you surely haven’t explored this oatmeal recipe. Its diverse, a swirl of Arab flavors in an Indian jar! A blend of spices & nuts from Arabic and Indian culture socializing overnight in a jar and creating a great friendship of flavors for your breakfast. You think I am faffing? Ok let’s check…