Caramel syrup


Rice kheer is true Indian tradition India is all about festivities and food! Let me tell you, no Indian feast is reckoned celebratory without a desert delicacy. The one that is most popular on festivals is a rice kheer. Kheer is a milk based dessert recipe, where milk, rice and nuts are cooked together for prolonged hours. Essentially, the longer you cook the tastier it gets. You may also find many versions of rice kheer in different cultures like “Sheer” in Persian cultures, “Payesh” in Bengal region of India or “Firni” in Middle east, Pakistan and North India. My memories of Diwali festival & Rice Kheer….. In my home it’s customary to prepare rice kheer on Diwali. For me it’s a childhood memory when every Diwali morning my mom would set me and my brother up for decorating the house. In the kitchen, she would start preparing for the grand…