You must be thinking what’s B3? Is this some sort of cooking formula? Though, it is just an easy cheesy deep fried broccoli recipe, but it is indeed my fusion fritter formula made with 3 key ingredients broccoli, besan (chickpea flour) and balsamic vinegar.

Being a vegetarian, most of all broccoli is my boon vegetable, but the trivia is that there is not much traditional Indian cooking morphed around broccoli. Furthermore, the Indian broccoli recipes I come across, like broccoli curries, spicy stir fries and the likes, tend to overcook or over spice this veggie. A true broccoli lover knows that overcooking broccoli means killing the stout and crunchy taste character of this green protein, nothing less than a cooking crime. Well, sounds like a great opportunity for Honey Buzzard, to create a noble taste that is true to broccoli’s original character and just rightly Indianized. aa

Why an Indian style deep fried broccoli fritter?

“Let’s have Pakoras (fritters) and ginger tea”……. come in rainy season and that is a household expression for all Indians! Mind it, this expression is not just about relishing Pakoras (fritters), it pronounces a lot more….. it’s about jamming with friends and family and letting your hair down with the weather sooth and binging food mood. It’s also an emotion for moms and wives to wrap their families with some food pamper with the special varieties of potato, onion, spinach, chili, cauliflower, cottage cheese, bread or just anything dipped in spicy chick pea flour paste and deep fried, served with savory chutneys.

Essentially, the moment one of those overcast days roar in the busy lives making just any mundane day feel like compulsive holiday mood, the Indian taste buds are by default slurping for Pakoras (fritters). Just pour the magic called rains, and the aroma of deep fried chick pea flour, the spicy coriander chutneys and the boiling ginger tea flows in the air…

Finally, I wanted to innovate this traditional and simple Indian fritter recipe of savory chickpea flour paste coated on Broccoli, deep fried and paired with broccoli’s more familiar folks balsamic and parmesan. With my fusion fritter formula recipe B3 (Broccoli, Besan & Balsamic) I have tried making over the warm expression of Indian fritters, into a contemporary appetizer fit for parties or cocktails. Try the twist!!!


(Serves 3-4 people)

For Balsamic dressing

50 ml olive oil
1 table spoon garlic, very fine chopped
6-7 table spoon onion, very fined chopped
2-3 table spoon honey
250 ml balsamic vinegar, reduced to slightly thicker texture

For Broccoli Fritter

1 medium size broccoli, chopped into big florets
300-400 grams chick pea flour
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Cooking oil for deep frying
200 grams parmesan cheese (or more as per your taste)
1/3 cup dried goji berries

B3 - Deep fried Broccoli fritters made with Indian chickpea flour paste and served with parmesan and Italian style balsamic dressing


Cooking Instructions

For Balsamic Dressing

In a small pan, mild heat olive oil.
Add garlic and stir for 15-20 seconds on low flame.
Add onions and stir for 30-40 seconds on low flame.
NOTE: Don’t cook the garlic and onions fully, let them remain crunchy. They will soften by itself, as the oil absorbs raw flavors of garlic and onion.
Add reduced balsamic and honey. Stir ingredients well and remove from flame instantly.
Let the mixture cool down, then store in fridge.

For Broccoli Fritter

Take the chick pea flour in a large bowl.
Start adding water in small portions to the chick flour. Stir the mixture well each time after adding water.
Keep adding water till the mixture is slightly less thick than a cake batter.
Now add salt and pepper as per your taste. Keep the mixture aside.
Heat oil in a deep frying vessel.
Dip the broccoli florets in the chick pea flour mixture (few at a time) creating a thick coating of the mixture around the floret.
Now deep fry the chick pea coated broccoli florets till the chick pea coating is fully cooked and crisp.

B3 - Deep fried Broccoli fritters made with Indian chickpea flour paste and served with parmesan and Italian style balsamic dressing

For Serving

Half slit all the broccoli fritters from center, fill some parmesan cheese in the slits.
Place the fritters in a serving dish. Sprinkle more parmesan cheese on top.
Add the balsamic dressing on top of each fritter.
Sprinkle the goji berries on top.
Serve with fresh cream cheese.

Deep fried broccoli fritters with a unique balsamic and parmesan twist
Broccoli fritters with a unique balsamic and parmesan twist
B3 - Deep fried Broccoli fritters made with Indian chickpea flour paste and served with parmesan and Italian style balsamic dressing
Broccoli fritters with a unique balsamic and parmesan twist

Recipe by Shikha Singh


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