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The real taste secrets of a country’s food are hidden in the kitchens where its broiled. That authentic taste can only be created in those timeworn pots, with the home grown food ethos, with the practice of mulling the spices a certain way and with the panache of the sous-chef. I truly believe, if you want to deepen your culinary experience beyond just tasting food in local restaurants, go for a cooking class.Getting your hands dirty in a local kitchen is the best way to discover the nuances and details of a country’s taste. Quite fortunately, Srilanka offers a lot of cooking classes. Also, most of them are quite authentic, as they take you in their real home or restaurant kitchens to show what goes in making that delicious plate of curry & rice. Sometimes, they may also have a spice garden that they may like to show you around.…

Scottish Highlands
One hears about the exceptional beauty of Scottish highlands time and again. Scotland was always there somewhere on my travel cerebrum. But it often happens that your mind slips out the most obvious things. …and then me and my husband (absolute junkies of Netflix and chill kind of fun), started watching a television drama series